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If you could advertise your rental property on all the major web portals yourself, if your prospective tenant could complete a smart on-line tenancy application from which you could quickly organise tenant background checks, if you could quickly create a legally compliant, on line tenancy agreement and run your property business with easy to use, inexpensive property management software , then you have to ask the question, why would you need to pay a Letting Agent to rent out your property ? - Join The Movement!

Creating Solutions To Solve Problems

OneLandlord !

Imagine a time when a Landlord can log into their own management account, create an accurate, legally compliant on-line tenancy agreement and issue all the correct notices needed during a tenancy, where they can manage their properties, set up and manage tenancies, advertise on line at Right Move, Zoopla and other well know Web Portals and are able to network with other like minded Landlords, where they can receive special offers from trade suppliers. Imagine if that was available, why would a Landlord then need to use a Letting Agent ! has been created by experienced Landlords to fill the growing need for the Self Managed Landlord sector. We provide Landlords with everyday services and the essential tools to run their property business. offers Landlords the opportunity to take control of the day to day running of their properties, tenants, tenancies and finances through our easy to use Property Management system, in a completely revolutionary manner that gives better results and will drastically reduces their costs.

Our services are a completely fresh approach to the landlord market, offering a menu of services through software built specifically for Self Managed Landlords. Join the growing movement of Self Managed Landlords, and take control of your investment and your business today!


What We Do !

We provide Landlord services for Self Managed and Independent Landlords, offering a one-stop shop for all of the services they need and the tools required to successfully manage their properties.  We take Landlords through the whole letting process, and more importantly, beyond, making sure that they have all that they need to  successfully and legally let and manage their own properties. From promoting their properties on the most popular Web Portals such as Right Move and Zoopla, to having access to our legal experts to help out in a crisis when tenancies go wrong.  We provide our registered Landlords with a powerful Property Management System which makes letting a property simple and achievable, even to the most inexperienced landlord.

What Makes Us Different ?

You can get all of the services we offer from most places on the internet, but combine those services with our Self Managed Software and you have a One Stop Shop for all your Landlord Requirements.  As well as that important aspect of our business, we are in touch with our industry because we too are Landlords, we work at the coal face on a daily basis and that really does matter if you are to have any understanding of what Landlords go through.  We understand what you want and what you need. Most "On Line Agents" have been set up by Tech Savvy People who were once Tenants, they have never experienced the business they are in from the Landlords perspective. That's why, OneLandlord has something which our competitors don’t have and that is a fully functioning Rental Management System, available to all of our registered Landlords and as far as Self Managed Landlords go, you will not find another system like it!

Why not join the OneLandlord movement today and get yourself and your rental property organised in a way you might never have thought possible!

On Going Support

To manage all the issues and requirements of a modern day landlord is not an easy thing to achieve; legislation and regulation are an ever increasing burden and come at an ever increasing cost, whether you have one property or one hundred properties? And of course there’s your Tenant(s) to consider, how does your tenant interact with you when issues and problems arise, what is the best way for them to communicate with you and for you to communicate with them? It’s wonderful to be able to reach millions of potential tenants by advertising your property on popular Web Portals such as Right Move, Gumtree, Zoopla and many more. Finding the tenant and showing them the property is probably the easy part of being a Landlord, but what happens next, what do you do from that point?  How do you vet the tenant, how do you create compliant tenancy documents, how do you even know that you are creating the tenancy correctly?  And then there's the property maintenance part of the management, and you have to take into account legal issues, your responsibilities and everything else in between!    - We have all the answers, just register to find out more....

You No Longer Need A Letting Agent !

You Too Can Be An Independent Self Managed Landlord ?

Can You Self Manage ?

Yes, you can and yes you should!  In the time that OneLandlord has been established, there has never been a bigger move towards Self Management than there has in recent months and the numbers are growing fast. It’s not difficult to become a Self Managed Landlord  and we know you can do it too because so many of your fellow Landlords have done it, and the reason why we're so confident is that we provide you with the tools you need. If you use our service and decide to become a Self Managed Landlord, we will save you lots of money and make your property investment much more profitable. You won’t be dissatisfied so why not give us a trywhat have you got to lose ? 

Why Self Manage ?

Like never before, it’s now all about cost and the all important bottom line for todays landlord.  If you take an average rent of £600.00 per month and an average management charge of 10% + VAT, this equates to a lettings charge of £72.00 per month or £864.00 per year! and that doesn’t include all the extras and add-ons that go with the management of the property, and there are plenty of them!. Add in a month or two void period, and maybe a missed rent payment and your likely to be into a loss by the end of the year rather than a profit!   And we haven't even mentioned that you might have to consider maintenance issues or general repairs to add into the pot!. Despite what the politicians and press may say, Landlords are not rolling in money, margins are already cut to the bone and being cut even further through regulation and taxation, one bad tenant alongside the additional tax hikes will completely wipe out any profit you may have made.  Self Managing is one way of taking control of your property management and making sure you get the best return for your investment on that property.  You can easily achieve this and save yourself thousands of pounds in the process by joining the OneLandlord movement!

You’re In Charge!

OneLandlord is a support service for Landlords who wish to let their properties themselves.  Through aggregation, we have created a unique site where Landlords can take control of their property and their lettings business, putting more money in their pockets. We back up that support  for Landlords through sophisticated pay as you go software designed specifically for Self Managed Landlords. With our professional, corporate brand for Landlords, we are creating a movement that will be nationally recognised.  The Letting Agent model is old hat because Landlords are at last taking control of their property investments, why not join the OneLandlord movement?

You’re Not Alone…

Landlords should be hands on, even if their property is let through an agent, after all, it's a serious investment and in todays highly regulated environment, we think it's essential to know whether or not your property is performing well. We support landlords with great products and a highly efficient solutions backed up by constant investment in our Integrated and Highly Intelligent Software.

Whilst our products are top of the range, on the whole, there’s nothing unique about them, they’re very similar to our competitors, there’s no secret there, we all advertise on Right Move, Zoopla etc. However, what separates us from our competitors in the On Line Lettings sector is the fact that you have one site for everything and that our Intelligent Management Software will help you manage your property, from the start of the process, to the very end, and it’s our Intelligent Software that will make you a successful independent Self Managed Landlord alongside OneLandlord!

Property Management Software Designed For Landlords

Integrated & Intelligent

As well as supporting Landlords in a wide range of Property Management areas, our Landlord Property Management Software is completely integrated meaning that any relevant data entered into the system is used intelligently to generate key reminders and set key dates for you. The numerous benefits of our software cover much more than just Tenancy & Property Management & Rent Log, Accounting and Tax output as well as Diary Integration, Documentation, Landlord Services and many other features.  

Property Management

There’s a lot on your plate as a Self Managed Property Manager. That’s why you need a solution that’s flexible, integrated and streamlines the entire rental process in one place. When you manage your properties in LiveLandlord, you have an offering that’s secure, reliable and cost-effective, so that you can grow your business and your business can grow with you. Our Property Management Software “LiveLandlord” has been specifically built for Landlords by Landlords and puts every aspect of the rental process in one place, from advertising the property on-line, to legally ending a tenancy and everything in between.

Control Your Life!

Stay in control of all aspects of your property management with our Landlord Software that has already changed the market for Self Managed & Independent Landlords across the UK. OneLandlord Software covers all aspects of you property management. Financial, promotional, regulatory and legal. Even better, the software includes a fantastic reminder service and alerts service as well as the capacity to enter your financial products and services on the system to get the most from your tax return! This totally different approach to landlord software along with the incorporation of landlords services will make your life far easier, saving you money too. We can’t promise to make your buy to let profitable, that’s down to you, but what we can promise is that by using our Landlord Software, you will make it more profitable than it may otherwise be.

Be Legal – Be Compliant !

We are a Landlord specialist business, not a Software Company, and that means you have an experienced support behind the scenes to ensure that any of your questions are answered quickly and effectively. Because our software system has been developed by landlords, we have a thorough understanding of what is needed to run a successful investment property rental business. Gone are the days when you could simply set up a tenancy on a single sheet downloaded from the internet and give it to your tenant. Today, tenancies are complex legal contracts and must be handled with care, any mistake could make the chances of gaining possession of your property very difficult indeed and impact on the profitability. Regulation is an ever increasing issue for Landlords and it's important that you are doing things the correct way, the legal way, OneLandords system for Self Managed Landlords will make sure you are compliant at every step of the lettings process. Stay Compliant - Stay Legal!

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