Possession & Eviction Services

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D.I.Y Eviction or Lawyers?

If you are in a situation where you need to serve a legal notice of possession on a tenant, you can research what to do and you can if you wish, create and serve the notice yourself, and many landlords do this. But the law is complex and many landlords end up having their cases thrown out of court due to incomplete or badly produced notices, or much more common, not following the procedure correctly.

If you don’t have the confidence or experience to do it yourself, you could always hand it over to an experienced professional to do it for you. But we have another way!  You can use our On Line Intelligent System and our software will create the correct legal notice for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/r4_AeqbjoYw” align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”60px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”60px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a further option, you can use our unique On Line Notice System, designed with Landlords in mind.  Our system will determine whether the tenancy has been set up correctly in the first place, whether the correct documentation was issued at the outset of the tenancy and whether or not the property was, and still is compliant in relation to the the required certificates and regulations. It will then inform you whether or not you can issue a possession notice and if you can it will determine which notice you may issue, either a Section 21 Notice or a Section 8 Notice or both.

If our Intelligent System detects an issue with how the tenancy was set up, it will alert you and will give you the option of referring your case to our In-House Lawyer so that they can review the issue or issues which have been detected and advise you of your options and if necessary, take over the case from there.

So, when you choose to use our Tenant Eviction Services, we are unique in giving you the flexibility of being able to do it yourself or having the support of experienced landlords and lawyers to guide you through the whole eviction process, from the start to the finish.

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Eviction & Possession Services For Landlords

Changes in the law in October 2015 mean that it has become more difficult to gain possession of your property than ever before. If you or your letting agent did not set up the tenancy correctly and in accordance with the rules, it’s highly likely that you will have difficulty in gaining possession if there are no grounds (or reasons) for that possession (Section 21)

Add to this the rules surrounding “retaliatory possession” and all of a sudden the tenants are in a far stronger position than ever before. If a landlord does not follow the correct legal process when evicting tenants or gaining possession of their property, they run a very real risk of facing both a criminal prosecution and civil action being taken against them, which could prove to be very costly, in more ways than one!

Most Landlords know that tenants can be demanding and difficult but the law protects them and that’s right. Landlords are often unaware of their legal obligations so it’s not surprising that tenants often know the law better than their landlord does! You can imagine just how disputes between landlords and tenants can easily escalate and become a costly legal problem so if a tenancy does go legal, it’s better to start that legal process early and to do it correctly!

With our automated Intelligent Online Software, you can produce a legal Section 8 and Section 21 Notices and the system can identify and deal with all types of situations, these may include breaches in the tenancy agreement, rent arrears and none payment of rent or even where there is no reason or ground but you simply wish to gain possession of your property.

If your tenant has not paid their rent or has failed to comply with other terms of the tenancy agreement, you can use our On Line System to produce a Section 8 Notice which you can then serve on them as the first stage in the eviction process, this includes all the Grounds relating to the Section 8 and the service and issue dates.

Or if there hasn’t been a breach of the terms of the tenancy agreement and you are simply seeking to gain possession of your property without having a cause or reason to do so, you can use our On Line System to produce a fully compliant Section 21 Notice which you can then serve on the tenant to provide them with the required notice period.

Our team of Landlords and In-House Lawyers are here to help you too. We know what stress and anxiety landlords go through when facing a serious situation which may lead to an eviction as we experience many similar situations on a weekly basis, unfortunately, your not on your own.

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Professional Eviction Software & Services

Whilst our on line eviction software is designed to determine the correct notice for you to issue for gaining possession of your rental property, we are aware that the whole process can be a daunting task and even for the most seasoned landlord, the DIY route is simply too much and too stressful. That’s why we offer a full hands on, legal support service backed by our expert legal team. Under your instruction our lawyers will assess the tenancy and gain possession of your property in the quickest and most cost effective way for you.
You do not need to be involved in the eviction process in any way if you do not wish to be, and the beauty of this service is that it keeps you at a distance from the tenant(s).


On Line Section 21 Notice

You can create and issue a compliant Section 21 Notice by using our On Line Software, whether  you choose our Quick Notice System or our Intelligent Notice System.  A Section 21 Notice is a “no faults” Legal Notice which a landlord is required to serve on their tenant(s) when they wish to either end a tenancy or gain possession of their property without having to rely on a “Ground” (reason).  In the old days, a Section 21 Notice was very much the way of guaranteeing the landlord possession of their property, but that’ has change and it is much harder to gain possession under Section 21 due to new rules introduced in October 2015.

After October 2015, for the Section 21 Notice to be enforceable, the tenancy must have been correctly set up with specific attention being paid relating to accompanying documentation, EPC and the legal certificates.  Serving a Section 21 Notice is not always straight forward but using our Intelligent Software will help you determine the best way forward for your situation.

For more information about the Section 21 Notice, click here


On Line Section 8 Notice

You can create and issue a compliant Section 8 Notice by using our On Line Software, whether  you choose our Quick Notice System or our Intelligent Notice System.A Section 8 Notice is the notice a landlord must serve on their tenant when their is a “Ground” (reason) or a breach of the terms of the tenancy has occurred, such as rent arrears. A Section 8 Notice can bring to an end the tenancy during the fixed term period only if there is a reason and rent arrears is the most common reason for serving a Section 8 Notice. Unlike the Section 21 Notice, the Section 8 Notice can be defended by the tenant so it is important that the criteria relating to the specific Ground (reason) is met and if there are any doubt or discrepancy, the court will err on the side of the tenant(s).

You can create a compliant Section 8 Notice by using our On Line Software.  Our On Line Intelligent System will help you determine whether or not you can safely issue a Section 8 Notice, and if you can, will determine when to correctly serve it.

For more information about the Section 8 Notice, click here

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Court Possession Service

If your tenant does not leave or give up possession of the property when either the Section 21 or Section 8 Notice expires, the only legal way you can get them to give you possession is through a Court Order. If the eviction has to go to Court, it is essential that you know how to correctly draw up the documentation and present the case to the Court, any mistakes or anomalies could mean the case gets thrown out and you may have to do the whole process again!

Very few landlords have the experience or the ability to successfully draw up and present an eviction case to the Courts.  OneLandlord have a highly experienced legal team who will draw up the correct Court Papers and present them to the Court for their assessment of the case. Providing the Notice (either Section 21 or Section 8) has been served correctly and the case is presented correctly to the Court, the granting of a possession order normally takes place.


Court Attendance Service

Courts can be quite intimidating places, even when your innocent!  We provide a Court Attendance Service for our landlords.  One of our Legal Team will attend the Court and represent at the landlord at the hearing.  There is no need for the landlord to be involved or even attend the hearing if they choose not to, we do it all . In most cases, we feel that it is best to leave this part of the eviction process to the experts and our Court Attendance Service is the best way to handle the possession process.

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The price for issuing the legal possession or eviction notice is for one notice served on one tenancy.  Where you are in a position to issue a Section 8 and a Section 21 Notice together and choose to do so, the charge for two notices is discounted to accommodate the selection of serving both at the same time. Where a tenancy has been incorrectly written or no tenancy exists, a Section 48 Notice may be required and if so, there is an additional charge o for creating and issuing a Section 48 Notice. Where you choose our service to draw up Court Papers for a possession hearing, you will pay our fees which are published here and in addition, you will need to pay the applicable Court Fees directly to the Court  and you will be advised what these are when you instruct us.
Terms apply, to find out more, please Click Here

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